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SGB has been in business since 1990. We, Mike & Mary Sims, have watched our three little kids, running around our laundry room, ahem, the business office, grow-up.


And guess what? Our business evolved and refined too.

We now travel and work throughout the US, creating custom Rammed Earth for some amazing residential and commercial projects.


Please look at our project page to see our Rammed Earth builds, and the inspiring architects and GC's with whom we've been fortunate to work. It really takes a team to build a project.

SGB works on projects around the US but particularly in New Mexico, California and Texas.


Let's create something amazing.

To us, each project isn't just a job. It's an opportunity to create something new through quality craftsmanship and a hands-on attitude.


We have extensive industry experience working with architects and subcontractors. And SGB is proud to say that we take a team-based approach in order to focus on streamlining each job.

In the news

As an industry, we have been curious about designs and development for small footprint, age-in-place homes and how to incorporate Rammed Earth.


Mary has designed and constructed numerous kitchen and bath remodels for clients and recently completed the design and permitting for a custom, small home, Rammed Earth residential project. 


Rammed Earth is an incredible product to distinguish your project.

We spent many years hiking and studying geology as a hobby. These experiences influenced how we form Rammed Earth, the colors we use, and the patterns or 'continuous lifts' that we create.


We are inspired by our travels but most importantly, we are inspired by the the project site. Environment informs intent. Onsite we use local materials, and our pigment palette to create the continuous lifts, the patterns synonymous with Rammed Earth, so that your project mimics and reflects your environment.

On our project
bucket-list is a winery...

in California.

hint, hint

Mike Sims, President

(505) 450-6333

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When your work is published on the cover of a magazine.


We may have built a Rammed Earth public amphitheater within a National Monument. see our projects!

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