image: Robert Reck / courtsey of Rick Torcasso

SGB, a leader in

Rammed Earth Construction

"Mike Sims mixed materials from a local quarry with iron oxide to dye the (Rammed Earth) 

earthen mixture four different colors, to evoke the multihued rock cliffs of Abiquiu, where O'Keefe lived and worked."

- Wall Street Journal, 2015 

"...(Rammed Earth) is a sensual interpretation of the landscape beyond. The layers and color come from the earth on the property and in the region. The result is a silky, banded surface that begs to be touched and requires no other embellishment. The craftmanship is the work of ... the very best rammed-earth master in the region."

-  Texas Architect Magazine, 2014

Meet SGB


Sims General Building is an experienced industry leader now specializing in Rammed Earth Construction. 


For Mike and Mary Sims, the business that they began in 1990, in their laundry room, is now busily taking them to California, Texas, New Mexico, Utah and Oklahoma.

Sims General Building 


Mike Sims, President

(505) 450-6333

Project: Torcasso Residence
image: Robert Reck,
             courtesy of Rick Torcasso 
Project: Gufferman Residence
image: Patrick Coulie
             courtesy of Graham Hogan
Project: Downey Residence
image: Roger Downey
             via Su Casa Magazine
Project: Okemah Hospital,
               Okemah, Oklahoma
image: SGB


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