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As a local company, we enjoy offering a truly New Mexican perspective on construction. To us, each project isn't just a job; it's an opportunity to create something new through quality craftsmanship and a hands-on attitude. Our president, Michael A. Sims, has worked in construction in New Mexico for over 35 years and has experience in both commercial and residential building.

Clients of Sims General Building trust that we remain committed as a partner to delivering a product you will be proud of, inside and out. With an impeccable safety record and a passion for trying new things, we love to explore the opportunities southwestern building offers. We assure quality in our work by being hands-on, literally. Ask any architect who has worked with Mike Sims and they'll tell you, when you want to talk to Mike you don't call his office, you call the job site.

Our experience covers a broad spectrum of construction, but we now specialize strictly in rammed earth construction and are, in fact, one of the few builders in the Southwest to do so.

There are many reasons to choose rammed earth for your project. Not only are rammed earth structures visually stunning and unique, but the method of building is itself sustainable. Click here to learn more about rammed earth and Sims General Building or simply give us a call to hear about the many benefits of rammed earth construction.

Click here for more information about rammed earth and SGB.



Rammed Earth

rammed.jpgRammed Earth Construction is one of the most interesting and efficient construction styles, learn more here

Straw Bale Building

straw.jpgSGB has years of experience in straw bale construction, click here to see some of our completed projects

Public Works

public.jpgSGB has completed numerous Public Works projects all over the Southwest, click here to see some examples

Residential Remodels

remodel.jpgOccasionally, SGB will take on residential remodeling projects, check out some of our beautiful projects